You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags at a time. It is visually appealing to add the hashtags in the comment section of your post so that it doesn’t take away from your followers enjoying your post. Hashtags should be simple. Stay away from phrases and always check for spelling.

It is super important to include relevant hashtags. Your hashtags should be relevant to your brand, the times, your post, or your mood, but always post what you love. Search for different hashtags so that you get an idea of who’s using which hashtag. Do what works for you!

Below are a few examples of great hashtags:



Trying to figure out a caption is tough, but sometimes it could be as easy as looking at the picture and coming up with something inspirational to write. Inspiration comes from within, so don’t be afraid to be creative with your caption. You don’t need a caption and you don’t need to be inspirational, but figure out ways to capture your audience. It’s your show; it’s your page so a simple emoji could do the trick. face-throwing-a-kiss


Content goes hand in hand with relevance. If you’re posting every single thing you see because it’s “hilarious” or “popular”, then you’re doing the same thing everyone else is doing. If it made you laugh, great! Tag your friends! Use your social media as a tool to promote YOUR personal brand or YOUR business. DON’T get the two mixed up. Let your Instagram be a wonderful introduction to who you are and what you enjoy. Let’s see the human side of you or your business, but make it look good! Take nice pictures every now and then, show us your world, and engage us!



Character could be the person you want to portray if you’re an artist or it can simply be YOU being YOU. Rachael Kathryn Bell is the perfect example of someone being true to themselves. At a glance, I see that she’s outgoing, peaceful, and about her business. I’ve only met Rachael once, but once is enough for me to say that her Instagram is true to who she is. Rachael’s Instagram page is one of my favorites because it’s clean, simple, classy, and fun. Her page reminds me of mine. Maybe it’s an actor thing.winking-face


You have a special uniqueness about you and that’s great, don’t be afraid to use that. Always be open to creating! Ty Robinson is another one of my favorites. He takes a risk and continues to rebrand every step of the way. Every week, Ty comes up with a different, yet appealing concept that brings traffic to his page. He has learned and mastered the art of engaging his audience.


It is super important to have a simple username for people to type.  If you don’t mind spelling out a long and complicated username, then be my guest. I’ll pass on any complications. Entertainers should definitely use their stage name, but it is not a requirement. You must find what works for you, but stay away from swear words or complicated names that are hard to read like unireverseme(thankfully he has great content).


July Jiang’s Instagram exemplifies #instagramgoals because she incorporates what she does for a living, the things she loves, and the people she cares about with so much grace and elegance. Her images are breathtaking and her quality of life is what I call #lifegoals. She’s beautiful inside and out and I’m always excited to see what she’ll post next. Take some advice from July and make sure your posts are filled with love. No love, no post.


Be a storyteller! Instagram has blessed us with Instastory, which I believe is the perfect tool to get people to see your life or business on a day-to-day basis. Don’t forget we want to see the human side of you, so don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, exciting, and enchanting.


Whether you’re using hashtags or not, spammers will in fact follow you. A typical spammers’ page follows thousands of users, has zero followers, and zero posts. Other spammers include the scammers who take photos with stacks of money. It looks tempting, but stay away from anything that looks or sounds illegal, you don’t want to get your Instagram privileges revoked.


Instagram is a wonderful tool to brand yourself or your company. It’s quite simple, but consistency is the key. We have a wonderful team, always looking to help businesses and individuals rebrand so if you need help or have any questions, slide into my DM (direct messaging) @honestlyshelby.

The future of advertisement will be at the palm of your hand so now is the time to start branding or rebranding. How are you selling yourself?